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STCOS mailing list - - solicits announcements related to the broad area of Operating Systems. To post to the mailing list one should be a member of the list. To join the mailing list follow the link:

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To remain a high-value resource STCOS mailing list is moderated. To qualify, the announcement should satisfy the following conditions:
  • The announcement should be related to the broad area of Operating Systems
  • There should be no announcements of the same event posted to the STCOS mailing list in the preceding 2 weeks
  • There should be no more than 4 announcements per event, total
  • We do not accept announcements with deadlines less than 7 days away
  • Please do not add any personal text to the e-mail subject, e.g., "[Mycolleagues]"

Please allow up to 2 days for moderation.